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Leading up to Super Bowl LIII, Borshoff’s advertising team will share their favorite ad or ad campaign of all time. 

The holiday season is upon us, complete with heart-warming and, in some cases, tear-jerking ads. Any time a brand features families coming together, I melt. It’s not so much a connection to the product that gets me, but a feeling that takes me back to a cherished memory and special times with loved ones. 

 Macy’s has created this feeling in its recent holiday commercial where an astronaut mom in space is Skyping with her daughter. Even though the mother won’t make it home for Christmas, the daughter sent “Sunny,” a handcrafted snowman, up in space as a reminder of home. 

 At Christmas, the daughter urges her mom to get Sunny and open it. When she does, “snow” comes out, filling the space capsule. The daughter runs outside to see snow herself. This shared experience brings the two together, even though they are worlds apart. 

 “Believe in the wonder of giving” is the final call to action. Gifts are not only objects handed to friends, but experiences we share together. Put like that, this holiday ad is effective in resonating with parents like me looking for the perfect experience to share with our families this holiday season.

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