Paid Media Planning and Buying

Audiences Unveiled. Strategies Perfected. Goals Achieved.

Your media plan is tailored specifically to your target audience, customized by our in-house team of media planning experts to efficiently achieve your business goals.

We offer a seamless onboarding process that ensures alignment on everything from strategy development to digital connectivity to an ongoing reporting cadence. We focus on making sure all campaign components are in sync from the very beginning.

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Goal Setting and Strategy Development

We begin the media process by evaluating and understanding your campaign goals and marketing strategy to prioritize the most promising opportunities, asking questions designed specifically with business goals in mind.

These include: 
  • Are we driving awareness, consideration, acquisition, retention or a combination?
  • How is your audience currently interacting with mediums?
  • Where are messages best resonating with your audience?
  • Where is there opportunity for new audiences?
  • What parameters are established for budgeting and timing?
  • What is an optimized media mix that will impact reach and frequency?
  • Which creative executions are available or need to be developed? 

Audience Segmentation, Customer-Centric Targeting and Journey Mapping 

We specialize in constructing audience segments that enable us to identify the optimal media mix for reaching your target audience at the right time. By understanding the customer journey, we pinpoint like-minded communities where your message will resonate most effectively.

This strategic approach ensures that your brand connects with the right audience, in the right place and with the right message throughout the entire customer journey. 

Media Mix Selection and Strategic Implementation

Our media team will evaluate the best placement allocation per tactic, work with media partners for the best negotiations, and implement campaigns that will best engage your target audience to encourage the next action. We specialize in implementing both traditional and digital media tactics that integrate to deliver consistent touchpoints throughout the campaign, driving the audience from top-of-funnel to conversion. 

Traditional media

Traditional buys deliver significant ROI (return on investment) savings with Television, Radio, Out-of-Home, Print and Sponsorships

  • Great relationships with media partners
  • Reaching audiences with targeted placements aligned to their media usage, including considerations to:
    • High-indexing television and radio time-periods
    • High-profile out-of-home and print placement
  • Cost-efficient buys with rates lower than market averages
  • Added value to stretch your budget, including: bonus placements, news sponsorships, community tie-ins, sponsorships, digital presence and on-air features
  • Buy placement reconciliation to budget
  • Evaluation and reporting on delivery of each medium

Digital Media

Our in-house placement team manages all digital media platforms, ensuring continuous monitoring of your campaign 

  • Paid ad management for search engine marketing, display advertising, paid social media, audio streaming and online video 
  • Platform expertise with DSPs, Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, X (Twitter), Nextdoor, audio streaming and podcasts, online video and YouTube 
  • Campaign tracking is implemented to ensure campaigns connect to applicable landing pages and conversions 
  • Reporting structure and cadence are provided upfront
  • Real-time access to your campaign performance metrics 
  • Digital specialists review, optimize, and adjust campaigns in real-time to achieve optimal performance and cost-efficiency 
  • Recommendations to pivot direction are provided when necessary 
  • In-flight learnings are applied 

In-Depth Analysis, Insights Sharing and Continuous Learning

We offer continuous reporting throughout your campaigns with learnings and recommendations. Additionally, our live dashboards offer real-time performance metrics for your campaign. We analyze the data for long-term consideration, allowing us to improve future outcomes for your business.

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