Public Relations

While Borshoff has grown to be an award-winning, full-service agency, we remain deeply rooted in public relations. Image and trust are difficult to quantify and require strategic thought and sustained effort. We develop personalized PR strategies to help you remain at the forefront of your industry and achieve your communications and business goals.

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Community Relations

Community relations continues to be a key element of Borshoff’s PR offering throughout our 35+ years, including engaging communities in economic development opportunities, educating residents on infrastructure projects, involving affected groups in decisions that affect their livelihoods, and sharing important information in transparent and effective ways. We relish community outreach and appreciate ways in which technology has made reaching people both more efficient and more challenging.

Media Relations

Media coverage and the opinion of journalists still carry considerable weight in influencing the public. Thankfully, press releases and a “send it out and see what sticks” attitude are things of the past. Today’s media relations efforts must be strategic and thoughtful. Borshoff works with clients to identify compelling news angles, prepare spokespeople, develop supporting visuals, and maintain ongoing relationships with journalists locally and nationally to earn high-quality coverage.  

Media/Speaker Training

Borshoff develops trainings that are customized to the needs of your organization’s leadership, including group exercises and targeted scenarios. Our trainings encompass proactive and reactive media relations, crisis and sunny scenarios, building relationships with media, developing compelling messages, working with a constantly changing landscape, and getting the most out of your media relations efforts. Participants in our trainings rate them as excellent and say that they have positively affected their communications with stakeholders.

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