The Mindful Bullhorn

Bullhorns are famously loud, directional, and attention-getting. A mindful one, though, uses its power and voice with strategy and intention – considering the needs of its audience first to offer something of value. It embraces the unexpected. It creates conversation. It establishes trust.

Borshoff’s YouTube and podcast series brings marketers and creatives purposeful discussions around relevant and timely topics. Each episode tells the story of how a brand, and the people behind the brand, are making an impact on the world, their industries and their audiences.

Latest Episode:

Jägermeister UK Celebrates a Creative and Inclusive Nightlife

In our conversation with Jägermeister Marketing Director, Christian Stindt, we’ll discuss how Jägermeister UK celebrates the best nights of their audiences’ lives, with its “Best Nights” campaign. While the ice-cold shot launched in Germany over 80 years ago, the people and team behind the brand today, know the importance of a nightlife environment that is enjoyable for all and allows for creative freedom. We’ll chat about how Jägermeister UK brings this global initiative to life with unique experiences and content celebrating music, fashion, design, place, culture, accessibility and inclusion. Tune in to learn how the brand works with nightlife experts to hear their stories, better understand industry challenges and support a global network of creatives on their professional journeys.


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