Employee Engagement & Communications

Today’s employers must have a unique value proposition, overcome widespread disengagement, and deliver exceptional employee experiences—all while sharing business-critical information in compelling, customized ways that meet the workforce’s diverse needs and preferences. Borshoff’s team of internal communications veterans helps shift mindsets, change behaviors, and strengthen organizational cultures by defining what matters, creating meaningful connections, and improving engagement—the kind that helps solve business challenges and bolster bottom lines.

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Internal Communications

With over 200 years of combined experience in corporate and internal communications, Borshoff knows the integral role these functions play in solving problems and in business continuity. From reaching and engaging non-wired/non-desk employees, onboarding, and re-boarding, to IT and HR program rollouts, we help clients achieve meaningful, measurable internal communications results.

Organizational Culture

The impact that improving or enhancing company culture can have on organizational performance cannot be overstated, and Borshoff believes that at its core, culture is values in action. We explore organizational mission, vision, and core values, align them with business outcomes, define related mindsets and behaviors, and help clients get alignment from leaders and employees to make them authentic and actionable.   

Change Communications

Our Prosci-certified organizational change management experts help clients define strategies and implement efforts that successfully shift mindsets and behaviors. We specialize in digital transformation, global rollouts across geographies, cultures, and languages, cybersecurity and information security education and awareness, and equipping leaders and managers to successfully lead through change with proven methodologies.

Employer Brand

Borshoff combines the expertise of senior brand strategists with best practices in internal communications to help clients create cohesive, compelling narratives that resonate with both current employees and prospective talent. We define and bring to life clients’ employee value proposition and employer brand identity through strategy, messaging, and creative execution, and help develop effective talent acquisition and recruitment strategies.  

Diversity and Inclusion Communications

Borshoff approaches diversity and inclusion communications through real, candid human stories that reinforce empathy and respect. We have extensive expertise in D&I awareness and education campaigns, data-driven storytelling, and developing D&I strategies as part of organizations’ employer brands.

Leader Training

Leadership teams can struggle with adaptability and alignment. Our DISC-certified experts help align and develop leaders and managers by breaking down and repairing barriers in team dynamics, achieving mutual understanding, and defining approaches to improve leader communications and drive transformations from the top down.

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