Crisis & Issues Management

Borshoff has earned its reputation as the go-to crisis and issues management agency for more than 35 years, helping hundreds of organizations successfully navigate difficult situations. We provide clarity and communications counsel to help clients manage their reputation, minimize risks, and emerge stronger.

Crisis & Issues Preparedness Plan

Preparing for various scenarios and understanding your company’s key reputational priorities is critical. In the first minutes of a crisis, there isn’t time for drawn-out considerations or weighing various options and responses. We create a customized plan that will provide guidance on responding to a range of potential vulnerabilities. This provides your team with a solid foundation, of-the-moment materials, designated “owners,” and best practices to navigate a difficult situation in a time of need.

Crisis & Issues Media Training

Not only can negative media coverage impact organizations on a short-term basis, but it can also have a detrimental effect in the long run due to online coverage. Borshoff’s crisis & issues media training gives clients the tools, foundation, and practice to respond to media interviews confidently, giving clients a voice and helping balance the tone of media coverage.

Crisis & Issues Situational Management

Managing an in-the-moment, unanticipated crisis is one of the most stressful things a leader can face, both personally and professionally. Emotions are heightened and volatility and uncertainty are rampant. Borshoff understands the potential impact a crisis can have on reputation, employee engagement, and public sentiment. We provide an independent point of view to quickly assess a situation and vulnerabilities, determine strategy and response, and develop a plan to communicate with the full spectrum of stakeholders in a transparent, timely, and organized manner.

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