ShoffChats: Evolving Human Connection

Social connection is foundational to the human experience, but navigating the intricacies of human interactions is never simple. ShoffChats explores the “unspoken truths” that influence our connections, behaviors and relationships. Tune in the last Thursday of each month to hear unique perspectives on the evolution of human engagement and its impact on business and culture.

Latest Episode:

Let’s Get Messy: The Value of Creative and Participatory Customer Research

Join Terri Wada, of Collabo XD, and Borshoff’s Katherine Coble and Justin Wojtowicz as they discuss a unique approach to customer research. Terri explains how the various forms of research we can employ don’t always allow us to understand someone else’s full experience, or that all humans are creative, or that the world around us is constantly changing. Marketers and researchers who aim for more creative research approaches unlock the real reasons behind why consumers choose the things they choose. 


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