Brand Development

At its core, a brand is the emotional attachment all of your customers or stakeholders have with your organization. Yes, it’s your name and visual identity, but it’s also your reputation, your relationships, your employees, your promise. It’s the overall experience you create every day. A focused brand knows exactly what it is, why it’s different, and why people want it. And through our research-based process, we’ve worked to help organizations develop new brands or refresh those in need of a lift.

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Research and Planning

Using qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, we uncover important insights that reveal the essence of your brand. These insights are used to build the core brand narrative and ultimately inspire impactful executions.

Brand Strategy

Rooted in research and audience insights, we develop core brand language — like your organization’s positioning and brand promise — that inform brand expressions. Brand strategy efforts establish the framework for marketing communications moving forward.

Messaging and Positioning

We go beyond brand strategy to develop the essential brand narrative, including your elevator speech. When it comes to message development, we prioritize benefits over features — benefits inspire action, while features are used to justify those actions.

Audience Personas and Segmentation

Who are you talking to and what do they care about? This is vitally important to knowing how to communicate to various audiences. By developing psychographic-based profiles, we can craft impactful marketing and communications executions that resonate.

Customer Journey Mapping

Just like life, marketing is a journey. Ultimately, you must move someone from awareness to action and action to advocacy. But what are the touchpoints along that path? Where do you lose people? Answering these questions will help focus your marketing executions for the greatest ROI.

Visual Identity

Your logo and visual identity not only identify your organization, they establish a tone for customers. This first impression is critical to a brand and its audiences, and Borshoff will ensure you stand out and command the attention you want.

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