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Leading up to Super Bowl LIII, Borshoff’s advertising team will share their favorite ad or ad campaign of all time. 

How do you know you’ve got a good ad? You make me want to try food I’m fully aware I don’t enjoy. 

Taco Bell had this amazing campaign called “Breakfast Defectors.” They depicted McDonald’s (recognizable by clown faces on the dictator and his minions) as an oppressive regime. The resistance symbol? The hexagonal shape of Taco Bell’s breakfast Crunchwrap. This shape created an effective visual expression of what other breakfast choices are out there beyond, “the round breakfast sandwich.” 

The attention to detail in the ad is so perfect; the watch tower has a slide that looks an awful lot like a PlayPlace, the moat around the city is a ball pit, and a counter ticks away above the breakfast sandwich distribution windows, increasing with each sandwich sold. 

Not only does this detail attract attention, it entices Taco Bell superfans to “join the revolution” online and promote their love of Taco Bell to others who might not have defected yet. And for those like me who normally stay away from Taco Bell? We consider trying it just once more… 

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