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Leading up to Super Bowl LIII, Borshoff’s advertising team will share their favorite ad or ad campaign of all time. 

I’m not usually a Kmart customer (except for my favorite, grandpa Route 66 slippers that I can wear inside AND outside). Then in 2013, they came out with an ad that still makes me “ship my pants” when I think about it. Here it is folks—my favorite ad is Kmart’s Ship My Pants. 

It’s punny, it’s funny, it’s bold and it’s just juvenile enough that I can’t help but laugh. It’s also the last type of advertisement I’d expect to come from a safe brand like Kmart. But in the midst of a steady financial decline, it was smart for Kmart to take a risk and have some fun with their advertising—what did they have to lose? 

Humorous advertising will get me every time. Even though I’m still not a regular Kmart shopper, when I think of the brand, I think of Route 66 slippers and shipping my pants. If you enjoyed Ship My Pants as much I did, check out Kmart’s follow-up—Big Gas Savings.

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