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Leading up to Super Bowl LIII, Borshoff’s advertising team will share their favorite ad or ad campaign of all time. 

When asked to choose my favorite ad, I didn’t overthink it or try to come up with the most provocative, profound or powerful ad. I just chose the first ad that popped into my head. Out of the millions of ads I’ve been exposed to, my brain chose to recall this beauty first – Boston Pizza’s “Knock Me Down and Call Me Susan.” 

 I saw this ad for the first time while visiting a friend in Toronto, with my (now) wife, in 2011. Perhaps it was the tall boys, or just the presence of great company, but I remember cracking up when it came on. We took away, and repeated, several catch phrases from this spot for the rest of my visit. My wife and I continue to quote lines from it even today.  

For an ad to still live and breathe as one of my pop-culture references for over seven years says something. And it sold a lot of wings: wing sales went up 160.2 percent and some locations even ran out. Even a year after the campaign, wing sales were double what they were before Carl started his critiques. 

So enjoy—there’s nothing to overthink here. Good stuff, Boston Pizza.

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