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As Borshoff’s partners, we have supported and worked on major initiatives intended to improve the quality of life in and attract new residents to the Indy region. We’ve seen firsthand the impact Indiana’s business leaders have when we unite around a common goal.

That’s why Borshoff supports Indiana Forward, Indiana Competes’ bipartisan effort to pass a clear and comprehensive bias crimes law in the 2019 legislative session. Indiana Forward

“Many of the Indy region’s business and community leaders understand that we need this type of legislation,” said Jennifer Young Dzwonar, partner. “We know this from our work on the local business community’s response to RFRA, through assisting companies with their corporate recruitment and by working on corporate diversity and inclusion efforts. We’ve all become aware that bias crimes legislation is something we need our legislature to embrace.” 

As business owners, parents and neighbors, we share a vision of a vibrant and inclusive Indiana, a place where people feel welcome to work, live and prosper.  

Diversity of thought, perspective, culture, ethnicity and religion are America’s strengths. Passing a bias crimes law will move Indiana forward. Our state will join 45 others and the District of Columbia in rejecting hate and division. We urge the Indiana General Assembly to truly move Indiana forward by passing a bias crimes law without loopholes or ambiguity. 

Karen Alter, Jennifer Berry, Katherine Coble and Jennifer Young Dzwonar