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There are only so many perfect Fridays; inclement weather, end of week deadlines, or team building exercises could be lurking around the corner. Any of those could spoil routine Friday trips to Sun King Brewery, our new neighbor down Ohio Street.

Whether we’re making the trip to SKB or to the fridge in our new café, Friday Beer:30s is when our team blows off the steam of the week over 1 to 10 cold brews.

In an effort to capture a taste of the #Shofflife, we took a DJI Osmo on a test drive as we skated and biked through Downtown Indy to meet the rest of our team for frosty pint of Wee Mac and several heated rounds of Connect Four.

We love the Osmo because it shoots in 4K, 60 FPS, uses your phone as a monitor, and has a stabilizing handle that allows you to keep one hand free to catch yourself when you fall off your board.

Borshoff would love to talk to you about video production…as long as you book the meeting at 4:30 on a Friday. Drop us a line!