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Yes, you are reading a blog post about snail mail.

In this all-digital-all-the-time world, has the art of a hand-written, stamped and sent note been lost? I’d like to think not. I consider it ‘good mail.’  It waits there between the daily pile of bills and fliers. A fabulous envelope or postcard from a friend brightens your day.

I recently had a year of exciting life events requiring a lot more correspondence with loved ones than usual, and while I chose email on occasion, everything else went out the old-fashioned way. I hand-picked fun stamps at the post office and found cool postcards to convey the invitation, the gratitude, the love and the cheer. The feedback I received signified that the effort was appreciated.

This is a fast-paced age where everything seems to be abbreviated or rushed. I think a card or note to convey thanks still says a lot more than a thank you text. Sometimes a text is all that is needed, but if someone has gone out of their way for you, a nice note seems more on-par.

How do you connect with others outside of electronic communication when you want it to be more personal?

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