INDIANAPOLIS ZOO – Alligators and Crocodiles

Driving attendance through music and rhyme.

In 2021, Borshoff was tasked with creating a campaign to generate excitement, intrigue and demand to visit the Zoo and see “Alligators and Crocodiles: The Fight to Survive” exhibit. To gather insights needed to promote the animals, which unlike other Zoo animals, are not the furry and fluffy kind, we interviewed children of all ages who shared their great desire to discover details about the American Alligator and the Orinoco Crocodiles.

Inspired to tell this complex conservation story in a way that would educate visitors, young and old, and move them to help protect these endangered species, we developed an informative, memorable and entertaining strategy. Our insights-driven campaign featured a musical rhyme with catchy beats and intriguing facts that captured the attention of our audience in a unique way (think “Hamilton”) and exceeded the attendance goal.

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Achieved second highest yearly attendance ever with 40% more cost-efficient impressions

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