FORTUNE 500 COMPANY – Information Security

Engaging employees to care about information security.

A company might spend decades bringing a product to market. If that intellectual property is compromised due to corporate espionage, it could cost the company billions.

Driven by this very concern, our client tasked us with engaging employees on the seriousness of protecting the company’s intellectual property.

We created a character named Gage Risk—a hybrid of Ace Ventura and Clark W. Griswold—and produced a campaign that not only got employees’ attention, but got them to change their behavior.

His catchphrases began to be heard throughout the halls. Employees lined up for selfies with Gage at company functions. Most importantly, the campaign helped expand information security beyond the realm of IT and made it a responsibility shared by all 40,000 employees.

Gage made information security a responsibility shared by 40,000+ employees.

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