Building a brand worthy of its name.

A Fortune 500 manufacturing company — especially one that is 140 years old — accumulates a massive amount of engineering drawings, blueprints, spec sheets, CAD files, and raw data. The company needed to provide its engineers easy access to this information and find a way to activate these assets so they could work more efficiently.

The DaVinci system was created to easily link, visualize, and correlate data in one personalized, paperless place, and serve as a knowledge-sharing community to help transform existing engineering and maintenance processes.

Borshoff created a unique DaVinci brand that helped gain awareness for a critical component of engineering technology that was previously overlooked. The response from company leadership has been overwhelmingly positive, and the new look and feel continues to be met with excitement from the engineers and technicians using the DaVinci system.

The response from company leadership has been positive, and the new brand continues to be met with excitement.

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