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Now more than ever, prospective employees value transparency and authenticity as they consider where they want to spend their careers. Smart employers recognize that they can and should control their employer brand through their own website, job postings, social media and other channels, but what about channels you can’t control, like Glassdoor?

It may feel like you can’t control sites where others review you, but you have more influence than you might think. Here’s how you can put Glassdoor to work for you.

First, some background on Glassdoor and why it matters. Every month, more than 55 million people use Glassdoor to read reviews, research employer benefits and understand more about potential employers. There are also close to 2 million employers on the platform.

Active profiles breed interest

Three in four job seekers using Glassdoor say they’re more likely to apply if the employer is active on Glassdoor. Their perception of a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review, regardless of whether the review is positive or negative.

You can build your activity on Glassdoor in a number of ways:

  • Claim your profile
  • Post employer-provided content to the site (company story, awards, social media links, benefits information, etc.)
  • Monitor and respond to posted reviews
  • Encourage current employees to submit their own reviews

Review analytics to inform your recruiting

Analytics of your own content and competitor analysis can tell you a lot about what job seekers are looking for and how you stack up.

Analytics you can measure on your employer profile include total reviews, overall rating, brand impressions and profile page views, to name a few.

You can also conduct a competitive analysis to see what other organizations are doing in terms of profile content, reviews and responses, and other activity.

Start with the inside and work out

Most important, remember that Glassdoor is only one small portion of an overall employer brand strategy. There are many other similar review sites to be considered, such as Indeed, Fairygodboss, Career Bliss and others. Also, a comprehensive approach to employer branding takes into consideration other external channels such as social media, your website, job postings and others. But even more important, your employer brand is shaped by the engagement of your current workforce and what they project out into the world. Start at home to ensure you’re creating a dynamic, welcoming environment for those you invite in. Your employees are sharing reviews of your company all the time, even if they’re not posted on Glassdoor.

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