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When it comes to the finished sound of a story told through video or audio broadcast, there’s a huge difference between “ok” and “great!” Our most recent Shoff Chat guests shared their insights on the power of audio and how to get the most from the audio portion of your storytelling tactics. The team at Earshot Audio Post in Indianapolis has nearly a century of collective experience and a keen understanding of the classic as well as the cutting-edge in this area. Our guests from Earshot included Brice Bowman, Rick Such and Ben Ericsen.

Some of the key takeaways included:

Audio still matters. Trends and technology have taken us to a point where the world is very visually oriented and anyone can record video, but studies show that storytelling suffers when the quality of audio is degraded – much more so than the quality of video.

Get the details right. All digital channels have audio specifications, so if you want your story to have real impact, ensuring that your audio quality meets those standards is a must.

Don’t DIY it. Podcasts have exploded in popularity, which means audiences have a very high level of expectation. If the quality of your podcast isn’t top-notch, listeners will abandon you quickly.

Even as the pandemic fades, remote production is here to stay. Because so many people are now using video conferencing tools like Zoom, more and more audio and video projects are being recorded and/or monitored remotely. It’s still important to have a physical studio that is acoustically pristine for mixing and editing purposes rather than using raw video conferencing footage if you want your message to have impact.

Talent is critical. The best voiceovers are from actors who can really capture the emotion and storytelling, not just have an interesting voice. Choose your talent well and your story will resonate.

For other takeaways, watch the replay.

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