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We were so excited when we heard that not one, but two new species were coming to the Indianapolis Zoo this summer. And when we learned they were adorable sloths and captivating snakes, we were downright giddy.

As we worked on a campaign to get everyone else excited, there was just one challenge: Not every snake fan is also a sloth fan. And vice versa. These two animals have distinct fan bases, and we needed a way to engage everyone.

The idea: Why not create a friendly competition among the fans? Team Snake vs. Team Sloth – and may the most enthusiastic supporters win.

To play up this matchup – which we’ve dubbed the “Sultans of Slither” and the “Champions of Chill” – we incorporated all the elements you’d find in any great rivalry within the campaign.

The Campaign

Videos for broadcast and digital feature enthusiastic fans rallying at the Zoo, before the gates even open. The fans are sporting foam fingers, team apparel, vanity license plates, rousing group chants and even their own RV for tailgating. We’re talking diehard Snake/Sloth fans here.

Radio endorsements from DJs will further fuel the competition, and a sustained media presence will keep things pleasantly heated all summer. There’s even an on-site scoreboard at the Zoo, with a live tally documenting visitors’ daily votes for snakes or sloths.

So, who will win? Cuddly or Scaly? Our office is pretty evenly divided. We can’t wait to see if the rest of Indianapolis leans toward the “Sultans of Slither” or the “Champions of Chill.”

Get your tickets and come see both exhibits starting May 25 at the Indianapolis Zoo.