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At its core, public relations is about fostering and building relationships between organizations and their key stakeholders. We’ve achieved the greatest success in meeting our clients’ objectives when they embrace our agency as a true communications partner. And, just like any other relationship, if you invest the time, you’ll reap the benefits – and see the results from your PR agency. Here are just a few examples.

If you: View your agency as an extension of your communications function.

You’ll receive: Effective counsel and better outcomes.

As a crisis communications partner for an international manufacturing organization, Borshoff’s PR team participates in quarterly crisis planning meetings with the company’s crisis communications team where we discuss and plan for different scenarios. The meetings help the client anticipate potential issues and enable us to better prepare to provide counsel and assistance.

If you: Are responsive to your agency and the media.

You’ll receive: Stronger results from your media relations campaign.

Media relations is most effective provide compelling human interest stories and respond to media inquiries with credible spokespersons. For 30+ years, F.C. Tucker’s leadership team has made themselves available – morning, noon, night, on weekends and on vacation – to assist the media, enhancing opportunities to tell their clients’ and company stories.

If you: Avail yourself of your agency’s counsel and expertise.

You’ll receive: New perspectives, strategies and ideas to achieve your communications Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

One of the reasons to hire an agency is for an objective, outside and strategic communications viewpoint, especially in a crisis when it’s important to have an external view. Hearing from someone not intimately involved in the organization/situation can provide a helpful perspective on strategy and messaging.

If you: Prepare your spokespersons before embarking on any external communications.

You’ll receive: Confident spokespersons who communicate effectively and consistently.

A well-prepared spokesperson is critical to the success of any reactive or proactive communications, and a PR partner can help prepare strong, consistent key messages and train company spokespersons. For 30+ years, we have worked in tandem with IPL/AES Indiana’s communications team to ensure the company’s senior leaders are prepared to serve as spokespersons and subject-matter experts in challenging and good times.

If you: Regularly share company information and business updates with your agency.

You’ll receive: Well-informed communications strategy and implementation.

As an agency focused on achieving measurable results, Borshoff sets KPIs based on in-depth knowledge of our clients’ industry, competition, business goals and stakeholders. Conner Prairie and the Borshoff PR and advertising teams have weekly meetings during which Conner Prairie’s communications team shares key information about the museum industry, as well as their own upcoming exhibits and events, allowing us to provide well-informed communications strategies and recommendations.

Take a look at what some of our strong client-agency partnerships have achieved. Or, if you’re considering partnering with a public relations agency, let’s talk!