Here’s my third blog entry about graphic design trends for 2012…and this time we are talking about condensed fonts and letterpress style textures.

Some trends are reflections of cultural swings, some are completely new and some are reinventions of previous styles. Condensed fonts and print textures are definitely of the retro variety. That said, I really like these trends.

Traditionally, condensed fonts tend to make headlines feel tense. However, the recent samples I’ve been seeing don’t. These compressed fonts give a sense of style and personality to their designs. They make designs feel friendly yet confident.

Here are some great executions of condensed fonts:

Another trend I keep seeing is Letterpress style print textures. These are everywhere, in backgrounds, illustrations, typography – even some logos. This too gives a design a certain flavor – a more “handmade” or authentic feel. This is another trend I never seem to tire of.

Here are some great samples of Letterpress print textures in action: