A buccaneer’s Halloween ballad

ZooBoo at the Indianapolis Zoo is not your average Halloween celebration. To engage first-time attendees, excite ZooBoo loyalists and create a sense of urgency around this unmissable holiday tradition, we capitalized on the new and enhanced visitor experience. 

We wanted to highlight all the fun and exciting things happening at ZooBoo. And what better way to capture it all than through a song – a sea shanty, to be specific. This creative approach allowed us to craft a captivating and unforgettable campaign that enticed people to visit.  

With the tagline “Come for the Treats, Stay for the Treasure,” we effectively conveyed the spectacular experiences that awaited visitors at ZooBoo. To ensure maximum reach, we employed a media mix including broadcast, streaming, digital, print and OOH. By targeting a diverse audience of parents and young professionals, we successfully generated excitement and record attendance for ZooBoo.  

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Achieved the highest ZooBoo attendance to date — and the TV spot won two regional Emmy Awards. 

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