A real conservation starter.

The Indianapolis Zoo presents the Indianapolis Prize, a $250,000 biennial award that celebrates the heroes of conservation who dedicate their lives to saving at-risk or endangered species. As one of many conservation awards presented throughout the world, the Indianapolis Prize needed help breaking into the media spotlight.

Over the course of three campaigns, Borshoff created opportunities for the winning biologists to talk about their work through five-hour satellite media tours, in-person interviews and lecture series across the country. We also distributed media kits with documentary-style videos, earning 2,328 media placements that added up to 1.59 billion media impressions around the world, including: USA Today, CNN Radio, National Public Radio, Daily Mail (UK), National Geographic, Smithsonian magazine, The Associated Press and Voice of America.

Photos from the pressroom archives: 2012 nominee Dee Boersma, 2012 nominee Charlie Welch, 2010 winner Iain Douglas-Hamilton
Photos from the pressroom archives: 2012 winner Steve Amstrup, 2012 nominee Terri Lynn Roth, 2012 nominee Gerardo Ceballos

2,328 media placements around the world resulting in 1.59 billion media impressions.

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