Going on the offensive.

The past few years have been especially disruptive for higher education institutions. With the entire landscape changing and college-age population declines looming, Indiana State University needed help to reignite interest in the public university. To turn the tide on declining undergraduate enrollment numbers, a more aggressive approach was warranted.

Borshoff partnered with ISU on research, a brand refresh, a comprehensive advertising campaign and media buy designed to generate inquiries and increase enrollment. We learned that the school’s small size (by public school standards) and academic opportunities make it more comparable to a private school than its state school siblings and positioned the school in that way. The payoff: prioritized student achievement and student/career success for the benefit of the graduate and the state. After all, more Indiana State grads remain in state after graduation, making it Indiana’s STATE university.

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The 2022 campaign netted the most applications in the past 35 years

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