FORTUNE 500 COMPANY – Health Education Program

Better health goes beyond medicine.

Our client’s health program was created to support the patient’s personal health care journey going “beyond medicine.” The multi-channel effort provided health education that encouraged healthy behavior change with resources that were easy to understand, use and act on. Borshoff helped build the program’s brand and supported the development of the program and communications including the website, various print, digital and electronic health education resources, advertisements, an e-newsletter, collateral, exhibits, media relations, social media, community outreach and internal communications.

Visits from mobile devices doubled after the launch and the website experienced increased traffic and engagement through social media shares and downloads. The innovative and personal approach behind the program supported the client’s goal of focusing on the patient and made it an integral resource for various aspects of its business for over a decade.


After launching the program, mobile device visits doubled and the website experienced increased traffic via social media engagement and downloads.

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