Photo by Fauxels from Pexels

Photo by Fauxels from Pexels


Guiding with empathy and respect.

Borshoff has worked with many organizations on a variety of issues related to diversity/equity/inclusion, assisting with planning, prevention and situational issues management. Some examples include:

  • Faith-based schools wrestling with LGBTQ+ issues within their staff, students and families
  • Businesses and community organizations struggling with how to effectively develop and communicate their point of view to internal and external audiences following protests and acts of vandalism
  • Fraternal organizations facing social justice accusations and incidents
  • Schools being challenged by students and alumni to be more politically active on social justice issues
  • Arts organizations struggling with internal and external equity challenges
  • Church organization with a clergy member who made inflammatory comments resulting in protests outside the church and social media debates
  • Crisis plans that address immigration, racial equity, LGBTQ+, gender discrimination and more.

Sometimes Borshoff is engaged early when the crises are hypothetical or on the horizon, and other times the crisis has already escalated and needs to be immediately addressed and managed.

We approach the situation with respect for differing opinions and positions, the challenges the organization is facing, and the many audiences involved — providing empathic, thoughtful and clear communication around difficult and sensitive issues.

Photo by Dani Hart from Pexels

Borshoff has helped numerous organizations address challenges related to diversity, equity and inclusion with empathy and respect toward all audiences involved.

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