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When LinkedIn learned that one in three parents don’t understand what their children do for work, the company created Bring In Your Parents Work Day. (Google has been doing this since 2012 in an appropriately massive Google way.)

According to LinkedIn:

“Employees who feel valued and happy are more productive and the support they receive from parents can play an important part in job satisfaction. That’s difficult when many parents don’t know enough about what their child does, or if they are giving the right advice.”

When some Shoffers asked their families to tell us what they think we do for a living we got some funny responses. So this year, we joined the fray and hosted our own Bring Your Parents To Work Day.

Bring your parents to work at Borshoff

Our BYPTWD not only helped our parents gain a better understanding of what we do every day, we got a chance to reflect on the lessons they’ve imparted to us during the course of their careers.

That transfer of knowledge and experience is even more critical when you consider that children often find themselves modeling their parents’ work-life balance behavior.

What do your parents think you do at work? And what lessons have you learned from them about work and its place in your life?