How “The Greenes” became the new power couple in energy efficiency.

NIPSCO provides Northern Indiana with safe and reliable gas and electric services. To help its customers save money on their energy bills, improve their homes and lives and increase their overall customer satisfaction, NIPSCO works with Borshoff each year to develop a fresh new approach to promoting its energy efficiency programs. During the cold winter months of early 2017, Borshoff promoted NIPSCO’s portfolio of residential energy-saving tools to help customers find resources that could help them save energy and money. This campaign built on the success of “The Greenes” characters, used in previous campaigns, to deliver the message in a humorous yet engaging manner.

Facebook Video

Research and personas.

Borshoff conducted secondary research, including analysis of JD Power’s Utility Customer Survey results, to segment target audiences and understand what would motivate them to engage in energy-efficiency behaviors, including the use of NIPSCO’s residential energy- and money-saving tools and resources. Using the research, Borshoff identified three audience segments to target with unique content in multiple channels, including Facebook, display, broadcast, video, streaming audio and landing pages:

  • Cost-focused energy savers — entirely motivated by saving money
  • Home-focused energy savers — motivated by home improvement
  • Green energy savers — motivated by sustaining the environment

Display ad – Cost-focused

Display ad – Home-focused

Display ad – Sustainablility

The plan.

The overarching goal was to build awareness that NIPSCO helps customers live better lives by providing energy-efficiency resources, and ultimately drive usage of those resources. Borshoff’s research indicated that customer awareness and engagement leads to higher customer satisfaction, making it critical to get customers to move past awareness to trial.

Our key messages focused on helping customers live a better quality of life by using the resources within NIPSCO’s portfolio. The portfolio consists of residential energy savings tools that appeal to cost savings, and leading-edge technology solutions for improving a home, including:

  • Home energy assessments
  • Appliance recycling program
  • Lighting program
  • Rebates (furnace, air conditioning, smart Wi-Fi thermostat, boiler)

Display ad with video and CTA scrolling

Severe weather-triggered ads on popular weather sites  

Our call-to-action drove customers to a campaign-specific landing page to learn more about NIPSCO’s residential energy-saving tools.

Success was measured through enrollment in various programs within the NIPSCO energy-efficiency portfolio and overall customer satisfaction by JD Power. The measurable objectives that Borshoff and NIPSCO set at the beginning of the campaign included achieving:

  • Increases in weekly recycling orders during—and immediately following—the campaign launch
  • Increases in weekly home energy assessment inquiries during—and immediately following—the campaign launch
  • Increases in customer satisfaction measured by JD Power for 2017 over 2016

Campaign landing page


We targeted our three audience segments by serving them relevant video content based on their motivations to want to save energy. Ads were geotargeted within NIPSCO’s service territory and placed across multiple channels including Facebook, targeting each persona based on their behaviors and motivators relevant to saving money, saving energy, home improvements and environmentalism. Each persona was served video content promoting the benefits of certain energy-saving tools and resources that appealed to their unique motivations.

A campaign-specific landing page was developed to coordinate with ad creative and also provided quick access to the various residential energy-saving tools within the portfolio.

Facebook sponsored post

Facebook sponsored post


The campaign saw success in both program enrollment and customer success, and all measurable objectives were met:

  • A 97 percent increase occurred in monthly average appliance recycling orders during the campaign
  • A 96 percent increase occurred in monthly average home energy assessment inquiries during the campaign
  • A 5 percent increase was achieved in customer satisfaction measured by JD Power for 2017 over 2016
  • A 9 percent increase was achieved in customer satisfaction measured by JD Power for 2017 over 2015

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