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Before I had kids, I was excited about the things I’d teach my children – tangible things like how to sing the ABC’s, color inside the lines, ride a bike, and life lessons like – how to share with others, be kind, get up and try again and have a servant’s heart. The list goes on. What I didn’t realize, until I became a mother, was how much I’d learn from my kids.

I am the proud mother of two incredibly sweet and silly boys – Grant and Garrett (who graduated from Borshoff’s Bring Your Baby To Work Program).

These lessons from little ones remind me of what’s important every day:

  • Eat, sleep, poop and play – This pretty much sums up the life of a baby in the beginning. Basic, I know, but can’t we all use a little reminder to take care of the essentials? Eat healthy, get rest, take care of business and make time for fun.
  • Celebrate milestones – In their first years of life, kids experience so many firsts and each milestone is special and exciting. Don’t forget to celebrate growth and development in your own life. It’ll encourage you to keep progressing, improving and seeking out new experiences.
  • Explore – Be curious and explore the world around you. Have a sense of adventure and ask questions…lots of questions. Be inquisitive and ask why and how to further your understanding and keep learning.
  • Embrace the chaos – Kids can be messy and rambunctious. Life is messy. Let’s face it – sometimes you just have to dig in and get a little dirty, and have fun with it. The good thing about messes? You can clean them up.
  • Try and try again – It’s inevitable. You’re going to fall down sometimes. Things aren’t always going to go your way. Pick yourself up and try again. Be persistent. With small tweaks, you can climb big peaks. Don’t give up and keep calm – even when it storms.
  • Be joyful – Both my infant and toddler sons are learning how to get what they want without being cranky. My husband and I are big on reinforcing positive behavior and pleased as punch when they are polite and use their manners. When they are joyful, life is so much easier and more fun. Attitude is everything, so when you feel like things aren’t going your way, flip your perspective and be positive.

Sure, many of these are lessons I’ve learned in other ways throughout my life, but having them echoed/mirrored by my children speaks volumes. If you ever need a fresh perspective on life, look at the world through a child’s eyes. After all, aren’t we all just kids at heart?