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Once the Internet said, “no more Flash,” we had to figure out how to create ads with Adobe Animate. But when we looked for tutorials we couldn’t find any that we liked. So we made one for ourselves.

Working On Deadline

When the deadline for migration from Flash (R.I.P.) to HTML5 hit, we had multiple ads in the wild and a new campaign about to launch. Each piece had to be rebuilt as fast as possible. I used another tool to recreate those ads in HTML5 but didn’t like it.

When Adobe retrofit Flash for HTML5 and renamed it Animate, I quickly started using it. But at the time I was the only designer doing this work for Borshoff. So I was asked to train the other designers.

You Can’t RTFM If There’s No FM

We looked and looked for tutorials, but like I said earlier, we couldn’t find any that we liked.

I worked with our video team to create this simple tutorial for internal use. Our design team liked it so we decided to share it with the world.

Download our templates.

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