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At Borshoff, we believe the power of storytelling can be transformative. Data alone can’t move hearts and change minds, but bringing data to life with powerful stories can move people and shift cultures in enduring ways. That’s why we approach diversity and inclusion communications through real, candid human stories that don’t shy away from hard truths and inspiring examples. When we use storytelling, we start the conversation that our audience continues in the workplace and the world at large.

Our team of cross-functional storytellers draws on backgrounds in journalism, internal communications and creative fields to combine best practices in content development, employee engagement and brand strategy. Combined with the skills of our seasoned creative team, we help tell our clients’ stories in ways that have a measurable – and memorable – impact.


Minority Journeys Video Series: Latino/Hispanic and African American Journeys

Borshoff was tasked with inspiring senior management at a major corporation to develop actionable solutions to attract, recruit, retain, develop and advance minority employees in direct support of a more inclusive culture. In-depth research uncovered enablers and barriers faced by minority employees, and Borshoff used their real stories to bring those raw, emotional experiences to life in a series of 15 videos that ultimately led to policy changes, goals for recruitment and retention of minority employees, and new initiatives to build a stronger, safer culture for everyone.

Psychological Safety at Work

The current social and political climate in the U.S. led this large corporation to look for an answer to the uneasiness minority employees were feeling. Rather than deflect or ignore the reality, the company partnered with Borshoff to explore ways of encouraging colleagues to acknowledge the challenges – while recognizing that each of them could be the solution. This video encouraged that dialogue to begin and ultimately paved the way for the Make it Safe to Thrive campaign.

Make it Safe to Thrive Campaign: Millennial’s Opinion

Creating a culture of inclusion doesn’t only mean rejecting and eliminating intentionally intolerant individuals or policies. Too often, misinformed language, assumptions and actions are used by otherwise well-meaning colleagues, but this can still make the workplace feel like an unsafe place to be for those on the receiving end. To bring awareness to these instances, we partnered with our client to use a humorous “what not to do” approach, but one that still powerfully underscored how sensitivity, education, and mutual respect is needed among all employees to not only make it safe to be themselves at work, but to thrive.


Organizations now recognize that diverse, high-quality talent leads directly to better corporate performance, and enabling a more inclusive culture is only the first part of the equation. Without a clear and differentiated culture story, organizations are at a disadvantage in today’s hyper-competitive war for talent. Borshoff’s dedicated employer brand team helps our clients create consistent, cohesive narratives that clearly define and articulate their unique value propositions – frequently applying the same storytelling approach that drives our diversity and inclusion and organizational culture work.

CHA Consulting (formerly RW Armstrong)

This leading international engineering consulting, design management and architecture firm experienced rapid growth and needed to attract candidates for engineering positions both domestically and in unique international locations, creating a very narrow set of applicant criteria that required a highly focused and strategic approach. As an extension of RW Armstrong’s external master brand that we had recently implemented, Borshoff developed and launched a specialized recruitment campaign to attract U.S. talent to work in the Middle East, positioning the company and its projects as an employer with rewarding and unique career opportunities.


  • Saw a 100% increase in employee growth
  • Filled a majority of the open positions in the Middle East
  • Moved up 200 spots in the top 500 design firms
  • Was listed as a top 200 International Design Firm
  • Opened 6 new offices (2 international)

Carle Foundation Hospital

Like most hospitals, Carle experienced a nursing shortage and engaged Borshoff to develop a unique strategy to recruit superior nurses to join Carle. Through research, Borshoff discovered there were many nurse professionals who had formerly worked at Carle, remained in the area, and still considered their relationship with the hospital to be positive. So, our campaign focused on getting them back. Not only did Carle see a spike in qualified applicants as a result, they later became a designated magnet hospital, the nation’s highest honor for nursing care.

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